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How to maintain solid wood floor

Some consumers' real wood floor in their homes will be updated in less than two or three years, while some consumers' solid wood floor is still fresh after seven or eight years. What is the reason for such a big gap?
Solid wood floor is absolutely not after the pavement on completion, but also have to regularly maintain the floor. The student sister introduces some elements and tips for the solid wood floor during maintenance. If the maintenance is proper, the service life will be greatly prolonged.
Do not use the mop or soap water that is still dripping to drag the floor, which will have direct influence on the paint surface and the board (mildew deformation due to moisture, dim luster, etc.), if you really want to use wet mop to mop the floor, try to dry the mop to 70% dry, so as to prevent moisture and mildew caused by water molecules penetrating into the floor. If you accidentally spray water on the solid wood floor, wipe it with a soft cloth in time to keep it dry, so as to avoid warping, cracking and mildew.
In the rainy season with too much humidity, it is better to open the dehumidifier and air conditioning to control the air humidity. Wet ground, especially the first floor and basement, needs to make the waterproof layer of the base layer before laying the wood floor. The board should be painted with waterproof coating in advance.
Prevent the floor from being exposed to strong and lasting sunlight, so as to avoid the paint aging and cracking in advance under the ultraviolet rays for a long time. Avoid the direct blowing and baking of the floor by the hot and cold air of household appliances.
In dry season, it is better to increase the humidity. The easiest way is to put a basin of water in the corner or keep the moisture in the air with humidifier to avoid causing the wood floor to breathe too dry and crack. It is more suitable to keep the relative humidity of air between 40% and 70%.
fire prevention
Do not throw the items with fire on the solid wood floor, such as cigarette butts and matchsticks, etc. which are not extinguished at will. Do not use gasoline to wipe the dust and dirt on the floor, so as to avoid static electricity after friction, which may cause fire.
Damage prevention
Do not wear shoes with nails to walk on the solid wood floor. Some rough, bulky and hard articles cannot be placed directly on the solid wood floor to prevent scratch. If such a situation occurs, it should be repaired in time.
When placing heavy objects, try to put them on one side as far as possible, because it can allow the floor on the other side to move freely, so that the floor will not be arched. It is also necessary to protect the cushion plate.
Dirt proof
Corrosive liquids, strong acid and alkaline substances, such as toilet cleaning, kitchen degreasing agents, can not be used to clean the floor; High temperature liquid or object, it is forbidden to directly place on the surface of wood floor, so as to avoid damaging the surface.