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Do you know the key points of floor selection in children's room

     Nowadays, in the decoration of various families, parents pay more attention to the design of children's houses, whether it is the purchase of building materials or furniture, or the placement of articles. Parents say that they can not let go of any details, only to provide a comfortable living environment for children.
  children usually like to play in the room, especially in summer will barefoot on the floor, this time the choice of ground materials is particularly important. So what are the precautions for buying and purchasing children's room floor?
  children's room floor must choose easy to care of the floor, so that the floor can always keep clean, and do not worry about the safety of children. If there are uneven patterns or large seams of the floor, a very small thing may be accidentally inserted, which can cause a great safety hazard for children.
  2. Comfortable feet
  for toddlers, it is not only easy to clean up, but also the comfort of materials. Because children can't walk easily fall, so when choosing the floor, it is necessary to consider whether the crawling floor is comfortable or not, whether it will hurt very much if they fall down.
   III. environmental protection and health
When it comes to the purchase of children's room floor, the first priority is environmental protection. The child's body is in the period of growth and development, as a parent, it is necessary to avoid inferior materials. We should pay attention to the environmental protection level of the floor when we choose and purchase, and the product with environmental protection level of E0 is the best, so that the damage to children caused by decoration pollution can be reduced to a certain extent.
In the environmental protection certification of floor, the European standards are valued by consumers because of their strict, high standards, high threshold and high technical requirements. The safety production standards and environmental protection concepts of floor are also gradually respected by the market.
  with the continuous upgrading of household products, the technical requirements of the products themselves are greatly improved by the multiple demands of beauty and health and safety. As the first threshold of children's house decoration, safety and environmental protection should not be ignored.